Friday thoughts | dream big and be responsible


A lot of people complain about their current status without being aware that they are not doing anything to get the life that they want. They blame their job, their boss, their parents, the government. If you will evaluate, we have our own free will, meaning whatever we choose today will affect our future.

Most of us rush to get what we want, sometimes we want things that we do not really need. And if we don’t get them we whine.

I wish people will learn to be responsible with their own actions. If we have an ideal life, first we must believe that we deserve it and second do whatever it takes in order to take it.

Big dreams are absolutely fine just as long as we won’t step on somebody’s life to get it.

{my Friday is a little controversial, I pray for a light and a new path to take. I am excited to the our tentative list, weee}

Happy weekend.



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