Emotional Reflections

I was composing this post in my mind while I immersed in the solemnity of the situation


Today after months, I attended a mass. I was really busy chasing the bullet train of life and I have forgotten the house of faith.

I tried my best to hide my tears and although I succeeded this mass pinched my heart. The priests’ homily was about a boy who celebrated his birthday without any festivities, his dad just provided a candle and asked the boy to make his wish.

When his dad asked him what was his wish, the boy answered, “I wish that for my next birthday I will have a cake for this candle”.

Why did it struck me?

We live in a life of complains without being aware that there are people who suffers more than we do. I had a cake for my birthday.

The priest told us that we should celebrate the gift of life and the gift of family. The cake is not important, it is not, life is.

When we received the sacrament of Eucharist, it’s a practice to pray while you dissolve it in your mouth.

Tears fell down.

I analyzed why.

I thank god for the continuous life he provides. For all the strength he gives when times get rough. For the beauty of surroundings that inspires me. For the lessons I’ve learned in every step I make. For trusting me that I am strong to surpass everything.

Sometimes, it is the faith we have in our hearts that pushes us forward. All you have to do is to believe and whatever journey you are taking, you are half way there.

Indeed the road to success is not easy but I believe we will all get there.

I pray for everyone who is in the midst of struggle, you’ll get through it.


The church gave me butterflies in my stomach because it’s the church his mom chose for us to get married. The church is under construction and to date it looks 60% done. Maybe the church will be ready when we are ready. The feeling is wonderful.

a blessed Sunday to everyone.


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