Levy (Levi) means “attached” | XTRM 1-11 Mentor

Levy Dela Cruz_xtrm 111

I didn’t know how teamwork and mentoring work until I met my new family and Mentor Levy. It’s like once upon a time I was introduced to him and he was all about working hard, working smart, and working fun. I always see him laughing, smiling, giving tips, encouraging his people, sharing his knowledge until when all people suppose to sleep, he is still with us.

Books and TV shows are not enough to learn from someone. It is best to experience it yourself, it is like you’re a baby trying to walk and your parents are behind your back guiding you.

My path to success never got better until I met these people who saw potential in me and teach me how do I reach my goal. Negative things are everywhere, people out there will pull you down and waiting for you to fail. It is very rare to find a group where they will help you shake all the negatives away and to be kind all the time.

People out there are weird; If you try to help them, they will say you have ulterior motives. They are in denial that themselves are in need of help, they are contented with mediocrity and never want to get outside their boxes. Their pride are eating them, they won’t do whatever it takes to reach their dreams.

I tell you, the grass is really greener on the other side of the fence, you just have to be patient, be willing to change, take risks, and make that jump.

You don’t have to do it alone.

When you help people reach their dreams eventually you’ll reach your dreams too. Our business is not really about the products we sell nor the services we give, it is about the relationship we build around our people, whether they are our colleagues, employees, and customers. 

To Mentor Levy, thank you for teaching us selflessly, thank you for changing my life, our lives, and the life of your next team members. I am just starting out to walk alone and I know I’ll get there.

Maybe why his name is Levy is because he is attached and committed to serve others. By the way, Mentor Levy is a graphic artist from UP Diliman and now a business person.

Curious about how he does it? Shoot him a message.

“Tell me and I forget it, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin


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