A Happy Kid

Happy Friday everyone! I am so happy because I crossed out an item in my vision board, you want to know what is it?

Vision Board_Sam Lanuza

So before my year started, I wrote the things I wanted to have. Since I do beauty blogging and YouTube videos investing in a good camera, for me, is a must. I wanted to give my readers the best quality possible. So my planner says Canon Rebel T3i 600D but instead I got Canon Rebel T5i 700D.

Canon 700D_Sam Lanuza

Of course, my eyes were closed when I purchased it, but I know this will really be worth it. I enjoyed taking photos last night for my beauty haul. I am excited to maximize it.

My Photo Journalism and Basic Photography Class need an update. My hobby of capturing things will now be on a next level. I am afraid I will become addicted to cameras. Oh well!

Below are the things I learned about dreams/goals/ambitions:

  1. WRITE it. If you wrote is most likely you will remember it more. Put it on a post it on your dream board and place it where you will always see it, that way you’ll see it often and inspire you.
  2. PRAY for it. There is nothing wrong asking for it to the universe. If you are familiar with the Law of attraction, I tell you that really works. (You may start streaming the movie on YouTube now, search > The Secret Movie)
  3. ACT on it. If your dream is a material thing, man! That won’t seem without buying it. You must work harder to accumulate the amount you need. Same way goes for a dream of accomplishment, you must work hard to get to the top.
  4. GET it. There will come a time that if you have the money or you are one step closer to a promotion, you’ll be skeptical. Feeling that you don’t deserve it, well do not doubt because you worked hard for it.

I will always say that we deserve whatever comes our way because we attracted all of it. So be wise and enjoy life.

I am so happy. I hope you are too.


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