My Boom Saturday Experience

Sam Lanuza_North Riverside Resort

Last Saturday was a marathon, I went to Manila Flower Central (Dangwa), Quiapo, Divisoria, and Bulacan. I wasn’t able to document my journey because I am afraid to use my phone in public and I am in a hurry.

I was busy finalizing and (panic) buying stuff for the wedding on Friday. I am glad to note that I was able to ticked everything on my checklist.

To unwind and release all the stress I had under the scorching sun, I (we) went to Bulacan to bond with my XTRM-Levy family. We reached the place around 11 in the evening, they finished the awarding (I have an award, yey) and started the party proper. LOL

The resort was crowded good thing is we rented a private pool area with karaoke. Yeah!

After a warm up and resting I dive into the pool and feel the cold water. I sang (obviously) and the highlight of my night was the playful showdown with my pals. We plotted that whoever won will be with my guy for the rest of the night (even days). LOL It was really fun because I’ve never done that even in front of my closest friends, XTRM is really different and special. I can be, the better and funnier version of myself.  I miss dancing, maybe so much that is why I had the adrenaline to do it.

Here are some of the photos we had.

xtrm levy

xtrm levy a

xtrm levy boom saturday

xtrm levy boom saturday

I am earnestly looking forward for more fun-filled bonding with my team. I love them.



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