My week in photos

super excited about this post!


I spent my week trying to finish all the details for my wedding event next week. Thank goodness for the World Wide Web, I am able to source out all the things I need even I am alone.

I hired the girls who will help me and at the same time do some admin tasks.


I am opening a new segment here in personal blog since I photograph a lot. I decided to make the My week in photos , most of it, of course, will be coming from Instagram and here I will eloborate a little.

Let’s start, shall we?


1. Couple Key Chain from Baler – the hubby went to Baler, Aurora for his product demo and he gave me this.

2. Color and Bucket – There will be children in my client guest list and I requested our caterer to provide children’s table. I bought some tin pail and jumbo crayon. This will kill their time during the reception.

3. Table Numbers – I am a fan of DIY, it makes the event unique and personal. The deep blue color jives with the theme (I am sure)

4. Lash Extensions – I am itching for a me time so I walked around the mall, saw this lash salon, and after 15 minutes, tadaaaa voluminous lashes.

5. DIY Softbox – if the manufacturers did it, so am I. I need a decent lighting for my gig and I searched the web for tutorials. It’s easy to follow and we improved the design as well. The hubby helped me with this, I suck at measurements. LoL

6. a Banana fritters – just because before I dunk it into my mouth, we realized that it looks awkward. But hey! It’s delicious.


As I type now, i managed to photograph new products to review. We are going to swim tonight so I am going to sleep.

Thanks for reading!


let me know what do you want me to ramble about. *winks*


Your comments will make my day!

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