Leadership and Business building training with Anthony Pangilinan


Last  Monday (April 28) during our usual Monday training at the Asian Institute of Management, we are very fortunate to have a special speaker. He was none other than the top motivational speaker in the country, Mr. Anthony Pangilinan.

I was standing at the side of the room and I was instructed to sit on the carpet near the stage, definitely a nice view for me.

When he came up the stage his stance was full of credibility and inspiration. Yeah, This man knows what he is talking about, I said to myself.

He then discussed character, leadership, in connection to business.

In building one’s character you must willing to find your wrong actions and decide to change. It doesn’t happen overnight, you should act on it ever since breath that you take after you decided. Our own willingness to transform.

Once you build the right character, you turn yourself into a leader.

In leadership, this doesn’t mean power tripping or looking for poor people to boss around. Leadership is a skill where you will be able to duplicate yourself to promote more leader and be productive.

This is also what we call leveraging; Where we mentor people or look for the best person to do a specialty task for us so we could focus building another business per se.

Leaders create more leaders, not followers, he noted.

Through these two factors, you will be able to build the core of your business, because with this you create your vision. The vision of your business at the same your vision about yourself and the result you want to make.

So what is the purpose of your business anyway?

Of course to gain profit! One has to be ruthless in making money. This is not a bad thing actually, because if you have money you will be able to buy your dreams (tangible dreams), reach your goal, grow your business bigger, give jobs to people, and help more lives.

“You cannot give away what you don’t have” so it is better to start building your wealth and create more money to serve people better. (I hope I got the point right) Following the equation of the more you give, the more you receive.

Ask yourself where are you going, once you figure out the answer, plot HOW are you going to get there.

A heart to do it is not enough, we need to have skillful hands as well. Simply because no matter how big your heart in reaching those goals, if you did not exert effort to learn the way to get there it’s useless.

My post is not enough to summarize the things I’ve learned, but I absolutely recommend following Mr. Anthony Pangilinan (@apangilinan) and listen /enroll to his talks, so you can experience his wisdom first hand.

He seems to summarize the current Maxwell book I am reading and I cannot wait to listen to the next privilege sessions that we will attend courtesy of my XTRM family.

I feel so blessed.

Thank you Lord.



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