Movie | The Secret Life of Walter Mitty


I spent my Sunday with a Yoga, long nap, client meeting, and a movie. I try to watch movies now with moral which I can relate to my life.

This movie co-produced, directed, and starring Ben Stiller is a nice movie to tickle one’s mind about possibilities.

Although I have predicted that the missing negative was in his wallet, the movie portrays life’s what-ifs. We people always day dream about things/words that we should have done/say.

As the poster say “stop dreaming, start living” if we want to have something we should start making our dreams come true. Our mind is not capable of transforming our thoughts into a reality unless we used our full potential to give those dream a life.

It is okay to let go because if we do this we will experience things that we have never experienced before.

We will feel complete if we choose to break free and be happy. Remember, happiness is a choice, it is not imposed by anyone nor can be found from tangible things on earth. It is the feeling deep down that no one can ever give unless you decide to feel it.


So much for my thoughts tonight. Am I making sense at all? I will end this post with a quote from the movie.


I want a productive week, I will make it count.



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