I can now blog again on my iPad – Happy Easter!


Cheers for another Easter Sunday!

The lenten season reminded us with the highest form of love we could ever witness in our lifetime – sacrifice.

To go on with my reflection, I am guilty. I never observed Holy Week the I observed it last year. I was caught up with work during Ash Wednesday and eating no meat on Fridays did not pushes through.

What’s up?

During our usual Visita Iglesia we went to Bonifacio High Street and experienced the Walkway by Church Simplified. Instead of internalizing each station, I missed to comprehend each activities.

Again what’s up?

Through this mini reflection, I realized that I am the only driver of my own ship and the results I bear are from my own actions.

Since I am aware about it, I should calibrate it immediately. In silence I will pray and may the good spirits soar upon me and be blessed continuously.



I was able to enable the two-step authentication process for iPad so I am can now post frequently once again.


Today marks another cracked egg of our lives, let’s nurture our new chick and turn it to a beautiful roosters and hen.

May your dreams come true,



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