Jumpstart 6.0: An Xtrm retreat experience


12 April 2014, Fraser Place Makati

It was last January when I joined Xtrm 1-11, Inc. It was a culture shocker for me considering myself as an introvert. When I started to immerse myself to the culture they have, I feel really happy because I am now surrounded with people who wants to create change not just to their lives but to others as well.

They are those people who stepped up and changed for the better. I am getting there I say to myself.

One activity that will make me feel that I really belong is the Jumpstart, it is like an initiation gathering, I should say.

It is a little hard for me to be a follower as I am used being an organizer for any event, attending such makes me itchy to check for details. But hey, it is time to relax.

We came in late because, I fell asleep. I woke up around 2:30 pm when the meeting was supposed to be 2 o’clock, how shameful?

I met with N at Gil Puyat avenue and took our time going to the hotel.

We were asked to change into our red shirts and joined the others.

The activity started with meet & greet. I feel like I was freshman once again, this time around I no longer introduce where I came from but what I do now for a living.

And then we were asked to go to the living room and meet our founder and mentors, namely, Billy Dela Fuente, Richard Tan, and Caleb Edpao. Their stories were really inspiring.

What touched me the most is that although they are already on top, their feet are still on the ground. They have extended their hands and continue to guide each one of us.

After them, we watched the move Facing the Giants. I thought I have watched it but browsing my movie bank, I have not.

The movie was moving knowing that if you trust and offer everything to God everything is possible.

We then shared our learnings after the movie and stories from my colleague touched my heart too.

I realized how blessed I am and I shall continue to be a blessing to others.

We ended our Jumpstart around 7:00 am and I left the place ignited.

Positivity and energy is contagious so better surround yourself with people that will uplift you.

Keep the fire burning and never stop until you reach your goals.

What a refreshing experience for me!



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