Wedding Coordination Projects

Like what I mentioned in my earlier post, I am doing freelance event coordination. Although my experience is in corporate events such as convention and exhibits, life events also fascinates me. It is nice to see happy faces knowing that you are the one who created it.

Two months from now, the wedding of my high school buddy is happening. I am the coordinator her color palette is gold, purple, and blue. I like the combination of the two, it is very elegant. We are now at the phase of our checklist where we tick out some accessories like wedding veil, wedding dresses, and wedding shoes. I notice some brides find it hard to choose these accessories for their big day. They compromise personal style, comfort, price. These are also the accessories that will make a statement on your wedding day.

Every time I make my pitch on brides I am imagining my wedding. I am still torn whether I like something simple or grand. A secret wedding sounds appealing to me, where people will only find out about the occasion once you instagram it. LOL

The reason why I don’t plan my own is because years ago I got a feedback that if a girl starts planning for a wedding at the early stage of your relationship, men will freak out. Since then I ignore to plan my own, no matter how I go around inside my mind about how I want it to be. I cannot extract anything.

Maybe wedding planning aftershocks for others is taking its toll on me.

After this May wedding I am doing, I gonna be coordinating a wedding in January 2015. The month and the year is special to me (ending the story here). I also got an inquiry about the destination wedding care of my proud daddy.

They were drinking when they called me to pitch in the plans, but I hope the client will remember to call me.

Is this the sign for a total change of heart?

I am turning 25 and I want to be someone.

A person my past self-will be proud of.

Thank you, dear God for all the blessings.


Do you want to get a quote for wedding coordination activities? Feel free to email me.


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