What’s up, March?

from google images – searchqoutes.com

With every sleepless night I am having now, I still feel my work is not enough. There are still idle times, which I wished I should have been productive. But I cannot wait every thing to be perfect according to the article that I am reading to start moving. I should drag my as* off the bed  now and take step one. Thinking endlessly about how to make things instead of actually doing it slows down the result. So here I am forcing myself to go with the flow. 

Writing to-dos greatly help me run through my task throughout the day. I feel fulfilled every time I tick one item out of my list and by doing this I can carry out more. 

Am I making sense? Maybe this is stress writing. 

Of course I cannot get away with my blogging as this is my only outlet. My backlogs have increased enormously and I shall start making drafts of it. 

My event will be on March 31, after preparing for a year the event will be over with just a wink. The wedding I am doing also is on due as well, plus reaching the momentum of my new business. 

I must be crazy now. 


I know the road is going to be rough while constructing it, but sooner this road I am taking will be bump free. 


Your comments will make my day!

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