My January: The best is yet to come


Now that I am not speaking for three days as per doctor’s advised maybe this is the best time I will write about the sought after January I had. I’ve been holding on my real blog post on my Evernote app on my iPad. I still do not why I keep my thoughts when I pay for my yearly domain (which will expire again this April). Should I start writing publicly?

So far…

My year started right, I stick to my Yoga routine and I am proud to say I can do the Sun Salutation in proper breathing coordination. My tummy can touch my thighs and I am so excited that I will be able to do other positions with continuous practice.

I gave up one meal a day and replaced it with a healthy smoothie.

I started taking up vitamins to rejuvenate my cell.

I stick to my to do’s every morning.

I started a new income generating sideline with le boyfriend.

My events business is now accepting clients and I am on board on May 2014 for my first client this year.

And most importantly, I became a more positive person.

The stars told me that my Karma is to help others and I can see the light.

May I be blessed with courage and patience to lead the journey I am taking.

May I earn wisdom and pass it on to my loved ones.

I promise to write more beneficial post for everyone.

Thanks for reading my life updates.




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