Things you should not forget when you are in the office


I’ve worked in an office for some time and I’ve experienced turnovers. Call me one crazy observer, but I noticed things that I believe we should not ignore to show sign of courtesy to your colleagues.

  1. Never ever leave the toilet dirty. When you pee, flush the toilet and wipe the water/urine splatter. When you poop be sure to leave the exhaust fan open for a bit or spray some deodorizer. Replace tissue or soap when you are the one who used the last bit.
  2. Never ever leave the pantry dirty. When you used the microwave clean it, especially if the food you reheat exploded inside the microwave. Same goes with over toasters, clean the bread crumbs after the toaster has cooled down.
  3. Task first before personal things. Emergency phone calls are acceptable, but speaking to someone more than three minutes on the phone during office hours is not advisable, why? Because it is annoying, especially if you are noisy. I mean it’s okay during break time, but please reserve your patootie exchange of messages later.
  4. Do your duties and responsibilities. If your task requires to be submitted in a specific time do it. If your task requires another person’s task do it as well. Chances are if you don’t live by your deadlines others will be affected because they are probably waiting for you.
  5. Be organized, develop a system. This is needed for teamwork if your job need your colleague’s efforts, then better develop an adaptable system to create smooth flowing work. If all of you will insist to do something their own way, trust me, you are not going to finish anything.
  6. Do not bother your colleague with not important things, save the chat later.
  7. Do not blame or point fingers. This happens all the time when you did something and your manager called your attention never ever point your fingers to someone. If you really didn’t do it talk to your colleague first, let him/her know what happened and if she/he can be the one to tell your boss what happened. If you jump into pointing fingers you will only look like you are really the suspect.
  8. Make a to do list even if your boss didn’t tell you so. If you are goal oriented you will be surprised to finish more tasks than usual.
  9. Avoid gossiping. Gossip is a social cancer,  avoid this by balancing what you hear and tell, do not start it either. It’s not healthy to work in a place where there gossips about you or your colleague.
  10. Work hard. Do your tasks well, not only you will make your boss happy, but you will also be happy knowing that you are a good employee. When it is time to leave your HR manager has something nice to tell about you.

So if you are a corporate gal like me, follow some these tips and you’ll be happy yo go to work every morning (or at least avoid tension between your colleagues)


Happy Monday!

Oh please send me tips if you have one, I only mentioned things above out of my OC problems. haha



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