Aperture 3 Apple Level One Certification Exam

The Apeture certification exam (9L0-847) from Apple is part of the level one testing track, or intermediate level knowledge and skill validation program the company offers for product specific expertise documentation. Completing this exam communicates mastery of the essential skills required for entry to mid-level program operations.

In order to qualify to take the 9L0-847 exam, you must complete an Apple approved training course in the program from an AATC, which is an AppleAuthorizedTrainingCenter. Your exam will be conducted at the conclusion of the training course and is available for completion online, either at the AATC or via any internet connection with a proper code and authorization.

The Apple 9L0-847 exam features about 54 questions in five different primary focus areas, all covering technical aspects of program operations. Candidates have an hour and half to complete the test and a score of 80 percent or higher is required for success. Questions may appear in multiple choice, fill in the blank and drag and drop formats, and questions are randomly selected by the testing software utilized by Apple and its AATCs.

To ensure success on the exam, candidates are encouraged to gain hands on experience in Apeture. Course materials and labs should be reviewed prior to taking the test as well. Apple Pro Training Series self study materials are among the recommended exam prep materials as well. Utilizing other exam prep resources, like the practice tests and tutorials available from vendors like ExamTrace.com, can also help boost overall performance and Apple certification exam outcomes.


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