Stay-Cation | Chateau Royale, Nasugbu

After my wedding gig last December 14, I met up with N (le bf), T, and A for a weekend escapade. T&A bought a 2D/1N with 1-hour body massage and breakfast at Chateau Royale from Metrodeal. The start of our stay-cation was not really good because we have to commute. We took the Cavite – Tagaytay – Nasugbu route from Coastal Mall Pasay. I didn’t have any idea that the terminal there was horrible. People are all over the place, the lines are not present, and there’s no proper waiting area. Although the routes were properly identified there was no one who will oversee the passenger traffic.

The bus went to Emilio Aguinaldo highway and I swear that was the worst trip of my life. I believe the highway was not designed for so many subdivisions and shopping malls. Anyway, from 5:00 pm we reached Nasugbu 8:30 pm, can you imagine that?

Club House Chateau Royale
Club House Chateau Royale
Chateau Royale Vicinity Map
Chateau Royale Vicinity Map


Located in a sprawling 15-hectare property and is only 2 hours from Manila and 20 minutes from Tagaytay City by car, this resort is not only known for its unique accommodation but for its wide range of facilities and activities designed to suit the needs of different travelers.


  • Veranda Cafe
  • Floating Restaurant
  • Massage service
  • Swimming Pool
  • Jacuzzi (certain conditions apply)
  • Rock climbing (certain conditions apply)
  • Paintball activity (certain conditions apply)
  • Children’s playground
  • Theater
  • Videoke room
  • Billiards hall



The vicinity is exquisite. The place is huge so close to nature. The furniture is all in good condition. They have many rooms for the guest and other amenities for your needs. You can have a wedding there, team building, retreat, and other events.

They have a Hindu/Buddhism inspired fixtures.

Kama Sutra

The room is nice but the beds were broken. There was no telephone in the room, you have to go outside and find a common telephone. The cable service sucks, they only have less than 10 channels.


The food (taste) itself is not bad but the service is terrible. I believe the staff there were just interns you will notice it in their actions. Here’s the story…

We went to the floating restaurant and we were given a menu. We were offered the following:

  1. Shabulalo (Shabu – Shabu & Bulalo) – It tastes like plain Beef Stew (Nilagang Baka) and the Shabu Shabu was just a concept.
  2. Pork Barbeque – Nah, it tasted like pork tocino.
  3. Grilled Tanigue – Delicious!! We wished we only ordered it.

I do not know if we were just late for dinner or they really don’t have anything on their menu.

Then the breakfast….

We were told that our breakfast will be Chicken Tocino, Egg, and Fried rice buffet style so we got excited. When we went to eat breakfast…

Oh my GOSH!

We were served Half cup of fried rice (the cup they used was small), one piece sunny side-up egg (I want an over easy egg!!!) and 50 grams of chicken tocino. You may only have coffee OR juice, you cannot have both.

And they told us it’s a buffet but we can only get once. They should have said ‘PLATED’ or ‘SINGLE SERVED’ we will accept that.

We let that passed and headed towards the swimming pool and swim. Unfortunately they are not strict with the swim wear. Visitors should know that they must not swim in COTTON. I am so annoyed looking at people swimming in cargo pants and shirt. 

After an hour of swimming we went to Veranda Cafe for a coffee or hot chocolate or ripe mango shake but at 9:53 am (I checked my watch for this) It was still close. According to the reception the Cafe will open after the breakfast closes in the floating restaurant.

So we waited….

When it finally opened we ask for a menu…

BUT everything on the menu was not available. What the fudge???

Why give us a menu when all the while it is not available??

We waited for lunch and ordered… So far Beef Salpicao is okay…

The lettuce and tomatoes taste good because they are organic… What a relief!?! Still.. Small servings…

We checked out and waited for our complimentary full body massage…


I consider myself a massage pioneer, I’ve tried every type of massage in different establishment so I know what is a good massage is. So to summarize my experience it’s not a massage, it’s more like a caress.

First, there was no one at the reception.

Second, the therapist were not in uniform.

Third, there was no relaxing music nor a smell of essential oil. A spa should have one right?

Fourth, the massage service was not one hour. It was only 30-minutes. It’s not even Swedish….


Overall Hotel Services

I have a feeling that they are under a new management. How a big property like that is neglected?

They did not tell us that we need to reserve some of the amenities for us to use them. There were no staff in each recreational activity they offer.

Maybe because they advertise in Metrodeal is because they are losing customers and they want more.

If I will rate my experience it would be 4 out of 10 possible points.

Will I come back? NO

More Photos – but then again the place is serene. 


Swimming Pool




Log Cabin Php5,800

Skylight Suite Php8,800

Skylight 2BR Suite Php13,800

Skylight Executive Php18,800

Skylight Presidential Php23,800

Indoor & Outdoor Recreation

Day tour – Php700 (adult) Php350(kids)

Zip Line Php150

Wall Climbing Php100

Billiards Php200/hr.

Volleyball Php200

Table Tennis Php200

Horseback Riding Php300/hr.

Kalesa Ride Php500/hr.

Native Fishing Php50/2hrs.

Videoke Php1999/3hrs.

Jacuzzi Php350 (adults) / Php125 (kids) *minimum of 20 pax

Steam bath Php350

Sauna Bath Php250 *minimum 4pax

Full Body Massage 1 hour Php500

**All rates are subject to change without prior notice



3 thoughts on “Stay-Cation | Chateau Royale, Nasugbu

  1. Oh no! The rates are unbelievably high for the type of service you described. Thank you for the review. I was actually contemplating on buying a voucher in MetroDeal but decided to search for reviews first. So far, all reviews have been consistently bad. Sad. It looks like a nice property that has seen better days.

    And oh I agree with you re swimming attire. Cotton fabric clogs swimming pool drainage so they should not allow people to go swimming in shirt and cargo shorts. Surprisingly, some people have the galls to stare at those who are properly dressed in swimwear.


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