Christmas Decors

Christmas is really just around the corner and as my offline life peaks this blog went down from PR 2/10 to PR 0/10. Sad. But then again I do not have much time spent on this blog unlike before. I cut down food trips, restaurant hopping, as I tried to cut down expenses (and weight).

Maybe I should write more?

Anyhow few weeks ago we finished decorating the office for Christmas. We bought a new tree and I revamped all the chandeliers and wreaths. I am very enthusiastic when it comes to styling my surroundings.

My favorite in this year’s decor is the following:

DIY Christmas Decor

We have an empty fish bowl we normally use for a raffle and since it was just sleeping in the shelves I spiced it up. I poured some gold beads added some green balls and then for the last touch a yellow light.

For me it’s very chic and functional – I instantly got a bedside lamp and a decor. Unfortunately this belongs to the president’s table. LOL
IMG_1588For this one I revamped a fake drift wood by extending its twigs, wrapping it with gold beads, added some green balls, and a yellow light as well.

Again this one is chic and ornamental. The yellow light gives warmth to the room.

I am glad that my bosses found the decorations impressive and very Christmas-y. The irony of it is that we won’t have a Christmas party this year in sympathy of the recent catastrophe.

Our own have no decoration my mom is still sick and resting and we are all busy so the house looks ordinary.

On the other side of the city my in-laws house has lots of decorations, the theme is red and I like how industrious my mom-in-law. She even told me that I should be the to decorate next Christmas.

Does that mean I will live there already?

Oh well! I wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

Will update regularly! I promise. 🙂




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