I was at the #Blogapalooza 2013

Poor quality photos I used iPad only  | Long post ahead *winks*

20131125-111838.jpgI’ve written all over the web for a decade now and it was just last year when I really came out of the closet. It was last year where I started to write other things aside from rants and I made a beauty blog plus YouTube Channel. Blogging made me think positively, lifted my self-esteem, and gained friends. I searched the web and checked what communities I can take part on to widen my horizon.

From my endless search, I saw Blogapalooza badges on some blogs I follow. I signed up but for some reasons I wasn’t accepted nor invited to join its second edition (if my memory is right). For those who don’t know about Blogapalooza, it is the biggest “B2B” blogger to business networking event, this is where almost 500 bloggers were gathered and mingle with the coolest brand in town.

When they announced the third edition happening on November 16, 2013 at the SMX Convention Center, Taguig  I immediately  signed up and thankfully I was included in the first 150 bloggers who were invited to attend. *banana dance*


I signed up as DISHYSAMMY, my beauty blog.

I had second thoughts attending this even I RSVP’d because it’s the day before my birthday and I don’t have anyone to go with me. But I need to check SMX Taguig as I need to see if it’s suitable for our event (hitting two birds with one stone, eh?). I convinced my other beauty blogger friends to check it out with me, so Gen, Yette, and Eyah confirmed that we are all coming together.

The registration started 11 am and we can and go as we please. I came around 12:00 NN and went closer to the stage reaching the last part of the talk from  Mikey Bustos and Bogart the Explorer (Jako de Leon and Marco).

Blogapalooza 2013

And then Vince called in a break and I roamed around F1 (that’s my code for SMX function rooms LOL). The organizers maximized the rectangular hall, they placed the stage far end and surrounded the hall’s sides with 1 x 1 meter booths, Centrex was their booth contractor.

Being an event organizer myself I am not used to be an attendee where I will hop booth to booth and check out stuff and talk to them. Since some booths have long lines I just visited a few and concentrated with the talks.


I’ve known Plato Wraps since I was an intern for Entrepreneur Magazine where I constantly call their franchisee and ask for feedback. It’s my personal favorite too because I find their food tasty and healthy.



I also saw my good friend Neph of Eagle’s Wings Enterprises she is one of exhibitors and suppliers as well.


Sam Lanuza with minion Dave

I keep on roaming around and saw minion Dave.

IMG_1467Then I went to the Megaworld Lifestyle booth and won this Line stuffed toy.

IMG_1455There are health & Beauty booths too which I love of course!

One company stood out was Enjoy Philippines.

Enjoy Philippines

It is because when I registered they have something for me with my name on it (will talk about in a separate post). It gives me a sense of more than a blogger they value you as their customer.

I went back near the stage and listen to the talks. The topics were interesting as well as the speaker themselves. The starter was the Comedy Cartel they have the smartest humor in the world. I can still recall how Tim Tayag threw the Jesus Christ joke (no blasphemy intended here).


After the comedy cartel, Philip Abadicio of Philip Lifestyle Guy made way to the center stage where he talked about his show and how bloggers can be featured as well as the criteria they look into a blogger. Content and good quality image is what I recalled. When in Manila, Vince Golangco was the first blogger they featured, I watched the show the next day after exchanging tweets with Philip (very nice guy) and hence we should watch it.

IMG_1439And then Ana Santos talked about making money through writing/blogging. This is the segment where I photographed every slide and I learned a lot. I always wanted to write everywhere I hope someday I could be like her where I will get paid from the words I am writing (but event organizing is fun too)

Jason CruzThen Jason Cruz talked about Doughnuts, I mean social media for bloggers and businesses.


I met Jason during a beauty blogger event and I took a ‘selfie’ with him when I bumped into him in the event. He is very smart and successful, I love his blog too very informative.

I forgot to take a photo of Karen Bordador but she also gave a brief talk about her online career, she is so bubbly and she encourages everyone to love themselves. Then the boys of Boys Night Out talked about their upcoming podcast with the everlasting pogi — Ramon Baustista.

IMG_1453I actually left after their talk because someone is waiting for me and I will have my pre-birthday dinner. So I gave the hall one last look and donated to the #PiggyBankMovement on my way out.

piggy-bank-movement-708x1024This was also my lucky day because I won several gifts from the brands and by tweeting the event. I cannot wait to write about the brands that I met during the event.

I would say that the highlight of Blogapalooza for me was when someone approached me and asked for a photo opp because she reads my blog.


I was so overwhelmed.

Overall, Blogapalooza is indeed a great avenue for bloggers who wants to meet other bloggers, meet partners, and learn more about blogging. I would like to congratulate Vince Golangco of When In Manila and Francis Simisim of Our Awesome Planet for a successful event. I am looking forward for more Blagapalooza in the future (Day dreaming to organize it myself).

For Philippine bloggers out there,  attend this event and let’s make it bigger.






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