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If you are reading my beauty blog you will see some posts about dresses that I want to get online. Most of my shopping transaction lately is via online because I find it convenient, if I do not have cash on hand I can use my PayPal or credit card. Of all the shopping that I am doing I thought writing about a website and what I look for when I shop.

Let us start with, they are the leading global online retailer of wedding dresses, special occasion dresses, shoes, accessories, and more.

Front - DressfirstLooking at their homepage, I like how simple it is. The layout is clean which makes their products stand out and the menu is not overwhelming, the buttons are well-organized. You will see the different languages which the site is available, there is also a live chat function where you speak to a representative, and the site membership functions. The search bar is also at the top so if you have specific items to look for you can just type the keyword.

What I also like about the upper part of the homepage is the promotion slider. The size is just right for you to notice it and the text is readable, for instance, the photo above is promoting FREE SHIPPING while the other slides are promoting discount prom dresses, from there you will be able to choose the right discount you are looking for.

middle - dressfirstGoing to the mid section of the homepage you will find tons of thumbnails with their respective titles for visual references. Of course we all know what a wedding dress looks like and adding an image will help us find more items. You can also judge by the thumbnail what kind of dresses they offer. This section also showcase their best sellers giving you an idea what is the most bought dresses.

footer - dressfirsr

And lastly, the footer, this is my favorite part, especially if I want to know more about the site. In this part you will see the company information, how to contact them, their company policy, and their social media accounts. They also have a button for their newsletter if the customer wants to be updated with different deals and promotions.

This part also has site highlights like payment options, shopping security, and the e-commerce platform they’re using. makes an ideal online clothing store. I will show the individual pages next time to give you a broader aspect about the elements you should see or look for when shopping online.


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