Friday Two Cents

English: 5 cents Español: 5 centavos
English: 5 cents Español: 5 centavos (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Friday before my birthday I have this weird scenarios in my head. I am turning 24 and I am listing down the 23 things I’ve learned during the past two decades. I do not feel like celebrating, birthday is one occasion that I get really excited about but not getting festive and all. I just want to stay home and read a book all day (which I cannot do because there are tons of household chores to carry out).

Several days ago the country was hit by the strongest typhoon ever recorded in the world (for this year) and it affected towns in the Philippines we all know that is not ready for such disasters. A country with 7,000 islands is not easy manage, I mean the central office is in Manila and although there are officials assigned in each provinces, there is a lack in management for the countrymen.

I am not going to blame the government here nor the people because the media said enough I can only manage to stay quiet, help in my way, and give thanks because I am spared. I cannot imagine how will I react when my family members will be the one washed out by the typhoon nor see our house being carried by flood. And though I know there will be no exemption when dooms day for me comes, I can only hope for the best.

Nothing special happened to me this week, I am battling with my fight with my other self, she is saying that she is no longer happy, my (default) self is telling me otherwise. I want 2013 to end and I want to change my 2014, mold it in the way I wanted it to be.

My birth chart can only help me know myself more and actions will start if I move my feet and walk towards my goal.

I hope these clouds will go away so I can see the sunshine.

For my fellow countrymen, I pray for you and your town’s recovery. I know my words won’t help you to survive but I will extent all the help I could give outside the world-wide web.


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