Listening to the sound of Yolanda

I have the shallowest sleep ever. One sound, one light, I am all awake. This is why My eyes are still open right now, I can here the sound of the wind destroying the trees outside.

Thankfully our location did not receive harmful amount of rainfall, the typhoon passed by and that is it. Everyone in the world is praying for my dear country. Why? The satellite images shows that this Typhoon partially covered the whole country.

If i am remember my science correctly, the eye of the storm contains more wind while its tail is the rain. The country haven’t finish recovering last earthquake and yet the surge hit the same vicinity.

Climate change is really taking its toll. If our atmosphere can still protect us from the sun, pacific ocean doesn’t have to boil the water in the pacific and make it a typhoon.

Oh, who could really predict these things?

Maybe many years from now the movie 2012 or The day after tomorrow will really happen.

Phew the doors are banging. I can get some rest now.

Please pray for the Philippines and I pray for my fellowmen’s safety.


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