Hello, November

All saint’s day and All soul’s day.

We are officially one year in Laguna. My body got used to it but my wallet haven’t adjust. Mom is still not okay so we skipped going to cemetery to visit our late relatives. I spent the first day of my birthday month doing household chores to date I feel so domesticated. I mean not everyone grew up doing chores, right? If some would disagree.

I wonder if there is anyone who started going to the market and cooking for the family at the age of 10. My parents were not comfortable getting helpers that is why the chores are divided to all of us but when we all went to college my mom did most of it.

On the brighter side I am proud to note that being to help around the house trained me to manage my own household in the future. I am battling whether to get a helper or not because of the new law but one thing is for sure i cannot stand a dirty house and dishes should be done right after eating.

Haha I feel insane.

It is also my birthday month so I am letting everyone knows that I am accepting gifts. Right now I am obsessed with candles I want my room smelling nice. Nonetheless I am still tickled with books and makeup of course. Haha

It is past three in the morning and this not good for a my healthy lifestyle adjustment so I shall close my eyes and restore my body.



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