A wedding and a travel

Happy Halloween!

I was out the whole week last for CASBAA convention and I just want to catch up with my blog.

October 19, 2013

jam wedding_edited

I attended a good friend’s wedding as her bridesmaid view in depth details here.

October 21 – 24, 2013

IMG_1153.JPG (2)

I went to Hong Kong for a business trip. We are inviting exhibitors and sponsors for the convention next year. We met around 20 companies and hopefully they will all join. IMG_1161

Instead of coffee I ordered their freshly brewed iced tea with honey. IMG_1167

I also tried not to over eat during my stay there and did a lot of walking (mind you in heels)

IMG_1164.JPG (2)

Of course I also go to Sasa to purchase some things.


Mom is out of the hospital but she is still not okay. I hope after 3 months of therapy she’ll be fine.


I am out of my league while typing these so I must go.


Your comments will make my day!

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