Watch dog | mom’s fourth day in the hospital


My mom felt claustrophobic after undergoing MRI yesterday, it’s her fourth day in the hospital. I feel my dad’s stress, he asked me if I can take emergency leave and replace him here; as their eldest child this is what I should do.

We are waiting for the result today, the neurologist found something in her S1 (I don’t know what it is) that is why he (or she? Haven’t met the doctor yet) suggested the MRI. My web search told me that she can have spinal stenosis or sciatica, a condition where nerves in the spinal bones, particularly in the lumbar section is affected.

I am not a medical person but I am praying that there is nothing serious about her condition. Wanting that physical therapy would be enough. My dad already threw his sentiments, he said the family will be disabled if my mom won’t be better.

This made me realize how hard it is to be in a family, most especially a parent. The obligations and responsibilities are endless, you take care of the family, the house, the children, and of course your spouse. This is the reason why I took simple requests like this.

As of the moment my mom is sleeping. I can write while the pain relievers put her to sleep. I wish she can be discharged in the hospital soon and take full recovery from home.

Above all, I like being the eldest, the sense of responsibility takes over and it contributes to my self actualization. I want my eldest child to be a girl too.


6 thoughts on “Watch dog | mom’s fourth day in the hospital

  1. Hello Sam, I’m an eldest child as well. My dad had a stroke 10 years ago and being the “Ate” I’m always asked to help. Sometimes though I feel as if my younger sister isn’t doing her fair share of responsibility but through the years I’ve actually learned how to enjoy being the panganay with all it’s kakabit na duties.

    Praying for your mom, hope she gets better soon. 🙂


    1. Glad you liked being the Ate too. 🙂 it feels good to look over your siblings and manage some family stuff. Training ground to build your family I should say.

      Thank you for the get well message, Trina.


  2. I hope she gets well soon darl. Praying for her and for you too. Don’t crack under pressure. Remember that a good way to release tension or stress is having talks with friends 🙂 Good job on the emergency leave *pats shoulder*


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