Brighter Days


I had a great time last night. The rehearsal went well and although it seems like we started all over again, I felt relieved. If you are curious the original actress went back, I know that she has problems with memorizing long lines and some family matter too but she still came back, not just for our mentor but also for us, her friends.

We agreed to move on and face whatever circumstances will come our way.

I had a good laugh too, new friends were willing to help, we enjoyed throwback moments over brandy. (Which made a little tipsy by the way).

I am a busy bee this week because I am leaving for Hong Kong for a series of marketing meeting. Hopefully I can still write and update, I will buy a SIM Card with one week unlimited internet when I got there. I will explore the place and pin point the scenery I want to see with family in February.

I am extending all the positivity I have in the air and invite good vibes.


6 thoughts on “Brighter Days

      1. STILL! you guys had a session pfft! and yes yes i’ll be the cook on sunday. Planning on what to cook. you’ll be back before sunday right???

        Will ask husband if i can bring franz..and him??? oh boy!


      2. They want pochero next week. Haha And being the cook means you will buy the ingredients too, you know we’re poor. hahaha

        One big happy family #separasyonthedaycare 😀


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