Big C–spotted my name in PDI

I was trying to reach some people for help. It’s Tuesday and we still don’t have a venue.

When I added a friend on Facebook who expressed his eagerness to help, I saw an article on his wall.

Of course I wanted to read it.

I was surprised to see paragraphs from my recent blog entry there. I mean, my blog is set to public, and most of the post here is personal. I never thought that it will reach the national circulation – at least the people who love him and the theater.

The article was published last Saturday, 14th September 2013. Please read the article here

Should you want to help me and my friends about our project please feel free to contact me.

For the writer, Mr. Pablo Tariman, thank you for letting everyone know about his current situation. I wish after they read the article he will be included in his prayers.

And for my director, Sir Lito, just hang on, you’ll be well.

 Angels on earth are very much welcome. We will be waiting.



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