I sound odd, so they say

I feel like writing my thoughts out today. My friends keep on teasing me on my social media account, they said my English usage is too much.

I’ve been reading a lot like crazy lately. Like I download random e-books and read it continuously one after the other. I sometimes read them simultaneously every time I get bored of the current chapter and go back whenever I feel like it.

I read broadsheet editorial as well, analyzing the structure on how they got imprinted at the first place.

I watch western series nonstop, Charmed, Walking Dead, Gossip Girl, to name a few. If I could watch more I will do so. Apart from series are western movies, and yes I am fascinated by the way they deliver their lines.

If I am not watching those, I find myself browsing Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, and Nickelodeon because they say it trains the kids to learn how to speak the language.

But what’s the purpose of such habit? I went at the back of mind and check my hidden agenda. First, I want to be a writer, second a radio disc jockey, and lastly an English teacher.

And if I am right after reading Cinderella I got stuck reading Reader’s Digest: How to write and speak better.

Now that’s where I came from.

Why am I writing this? I am living in a society where people narrow their eyes if I utter a word. If I say black as blæck I will get the look.

I get the same look whenever I introduce myself in class, when I blurt my expressions, when I interact.

Is my nationality limit my rights to use such language? I thought Filipinos are known to be good at this globally?

But why silver spooners in the country can do it freely? I mean with no mockery.

I get it. They are surrounded with the same people of course!

Will I stop now? Maybe not. I can convey my self easily and yes I am universally understood except by aliens.

To top it off I am still not satisfied about it today. I want to improve, I want to do better than this.

I want to further Expand my vocabulary, organize my thoughts, write properly.

My habit helps a lot.

Practice makes perfect. No adjustments are necessary. People can either take you or leave you. A person is a whole package.

And if I appear like I am acting out to be someone well I guess you are wrong because it’s getting Au Naturale.

This apply to all doings you know appropriate but people around you seems unhappy about it.

geez! Let’s get a life.


4 thoughts on “I sound odd, so they say

  1. LOL! I feel you. I get the occasional raised eyebrows whenever I speak English to our Kababayans. Apparently, I have an accent (according to them). I guess it’s a compliment. Just think of it that way. 🙂


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