On giving donations…

I was buying my train ticket yesterday when a guy, Red Cross Volunteer, approached me. He said hello and asked for a little kindness. I gave my ticket change.

Most of the time I passed on giving alms to people for the following reasons:

1. It’s a Modus Operandi people who gets my attention will might try to hypnotize me and then escort me to the nearest ATM. I cannot risk that.

2. They are mob slaves other people are using them to get money from others. They need to beg or else they will be beat up to death.

3. Lastly they are just lazy . The more people pity them the more they won’t do anything about the situation. They will just be in the sidewalk waiting and there’s no future.

No offense for what I’ve just enumerated but I feel giving donations and offering help will be best exercised if you will turn it over to institutions whose purpose is really charitable like orphanage and other NGOs.

If all help will be centralized there and street people will be gathered there as well for assistance everyone will be at least seize the day with no worries.

Of course looking for a decent job is way better than let the tax payers shoulder their expenses. Moreover education is still the key for having a secure future, at least that is what society told me.

Am I living in a third world country? I am in denial.


2 thoughts on “On giving donations…

  1. same here,, i dont give donations or give limos to other people asking me on the street.
    We do have the same thoughts.. I posted in my blog oneof my experience about it.=)


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