I went to see him today, I will still pray

Lito Casaje


I went to see him today. I looked forward to this day, I really want to know his current condition. 

I was early. I left the office nine o’clock after I finished printing our thoughtful token. 

I waited for my friends while shopping for Guyabano Fruit. It’s a wonder fruit according to some and I know he cannot eat sweets. 

We walked towards his condominium. My heart was pounding because I didn’t know what to expect. 

His unit is at 10th floor. 

There was a cute totem pole outside. I was not sure if it was totem pole but it looks like one. 

When we entered his unit, the smell of old books lingers. Books were piled in his table, more books were in the shelf. There are also DVD’s and paintings on the floor.

It was my first time to see his place, I am sure I was at his area upon seeing it. *laughs*

My heart melted when he smiled. It’s been a while. 

He looks good, practically bald because of his chemo therapy but yeah he looks good. 

We sat in the living room chatting away. There was an awkward silence now and then. How can you catch up with something when you know part of you is hurting learning his condition. 

Good thing, Marga’s husband was such a humorous person. We laugh at each other while we reminisce our good times at school. 

We even talked about Conjuring, he just watched us laugh and he laughs too. 

In his faint but happy smile you can sense his loneliness. It was the best decision to visit him and I want to do it very often, bring him wine or something. 

We asked questions about his illness. 

He said it knew about his after his on and off fever last June. The doctor insisted him to be confined and undergo MRI. After a week they found out that cancer cells were already in his liver and pelvis. He was advised to undergo chemo therapy for four cycles and conduct check up once again in November to see the progress.

I was observing him all the while I was speaking to him.

He’ll survive this I know. He is a strong man and his drive won’t let any cancer cell to destroy his body.

He just need to tweak his lifestyle and in due time he’ll be back making people amused by Arts. 

He gave us a book, compilation of his plays.

 We’ll be passing it around for us to read it.  Talented person! 

Then finally we handed him our small token. I asked Marga to draw Sir Lito’s Caricature, Marga made a flip animation (which made us difficult to present it, haha)

There was a wide brimmed smile on his face. We want him to see his dancing caricature to remind him that he needs to be better. 

After his therapy I know he’ll be dancing again. 

Since I still have work at one o’clock we said our goodbyes and hugs.

I wished for the clock to froze and that I never have to go to work. 

Group Photo

Please pray for my Sir Lito to surpass his illness.

To my college friends, Channa, Marga (and Maui), and Wilklean… I am happy to see you, until next time… 



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