Another ill person, I pray.

I am sad to write this now learning that I am writing about another person who is ill. Why is everyone getting sick?

I learned the news yesterday.

She is in the hospital, bed ridden. She is suffering from Stage 4 Breast Cancer according to some hints from colleagues her cancer affected both her bones and lungs.

And just like the horror statement that breaks my heart “See for yourself, don’t wait too long”

I considered it horror knowing the urgency that message gave me.

Who is she?

The woman first saw me crying inside a room when my work pushed the hell out of me. She said it’s normal, stop crying and smile. She is very kind, mother like, and generous.

She’s also have this cheeky sense of humor that you cannot resist.

She works for my distant grand father.

Whenever we are together she always laughs and she is very accommodating to entertain any request knowing that we all have a professional relationship.

A deep sigh runs through my lungs because I am extremely sad about it.

Why did she keep it to herself? Why not confide to someone at least to her family?

One thing I know for sure she doesn’t want to hurt anyone.

She must be brave, definitely she is.

I know my writing won’t do any cure but this short prose sends my prayer on how eager I want her to be better.

Get well soon Ate Miles! Please be strong…. 



There she is women in white (fifth person from left).

I pray for you to wear that smile again and until such I will be praying…. 

I will see you later…


4 thoughts on “Another ill person, I pray.

  1. It must be really hard and painful for you. 😦 Cancer has touched my life too… three of my relatives were diagnosed last year.

    I’m praying for her happiness and health.


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