Cheap Thrills: Juansilog


Here’s another cheap thrills find in the course of surviving in a central business district. LOL

This is called JUANSILOG.

juan means the Filipinos.

Si which stands for Sinangag or Fried Rice

Log which means itlog or eggs

SILOGS are very popular in the country, it is one of the common breakfast after coffee and pandesal. You can actually it eat for lunch or dinner.

It is also combined with other viand such as burger (bursilog), hotdog (hotsilog), tapa (tapsilog) and other breakfast commons that will go along with fried rice and egg.


One order of rice with egg costs P25.00 and you will add P10.00 for every additional viand. The amount of rice is more one cup but the serving of each viand is small. For an adult two hotdogs and an egg will be better. I am not sure with the measurements but I think each order is weighed.

I do not have any complains on the taste, it tastes normal. I do not know someone who will cook ham or wills and will taste terrible.  LOL

The packaging is decent and environmental friendly too.

I haven’t seen other branch/kiosk in malls or train stations. This must be new.

if you want to have your own  business food is a sure ball because it is a necessity and people always seek new things to try. Above all being unique with excellent quality and services will make you stand out among the rest.




One thought on “Cheap Thrills: Juansilog”

    Open for Franchise nationwide!

    JUAN SILOG Best stop food hub that offers affordable meal as low as P25. This brings you closer to your favorite silog breakfast, snacks and dinner, perfect all day meal for people who want to have rice meal with their limited budget. TAPSILOG is an instant hit lucrative business on the streets.

    Serving TAPSILOG, TOCILOG, LONGSILOG and many more. These pinoy meals are just the right choice for people always on the go. A delightful meal always available anytime of the day.

    For Inquiry : 0905-4138824 / 0923-7271248


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