Comfort Zone

What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

I was browsing Pinterest for cute quotations and made myself its own version on a photo I took last month:


Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

I have to agree. You never know what lies ahead if you will stay inside your box and be afraid to risk your life.

It’s not jumping off the cliff, it’s making certain decisions in your life in your most doubtful self. Ever felt 50/50 on something? You know you’ll do great but is really afraid because you are afraid to fail.

How would you know if the soup is hot if you are not going to taste it? Blowing it three to four-time won’t give the justice.

I have a pretty similar situation in my life now. I always play safe. I always feel that no one’s going to approve what I wanted so I wait in vain thinking that luck will pick me where I am now.

I know life is not that kind for most of us. I know what I need to do.

Still. I look at  my path not knowing whether to take the step or not.

I do not want to dwell in this situation for too long because I know it’s going to consume me.

I am wishing myself to find the light and to grab the next risk taking opportunity that will come my way.

I won’t take my time on this.

I guess I cannot answer yet the first question above.


2 thoughts on “Comfort Zone

  1. Hey Sam! I stumbled upon your blog just now. Anyways, I’d like to share my own story here. I was young (and still very young) and made a very risky decision when I was 18. I dated someone 10 years older than me, knowing he was married and had a son back in the Philippines. I was Miss Goody Two Shoes all my life except for this one event. I literally have ignored my family and friends just to be with this person. Of course it was the wrong choice. Bottomline, always take the risk. Because no matter how much you get hurt, you are going to rise much higher and wiser than before. It was like a midlife crisis for me when he left, but hey, look at me now 🙂 haha all good. Always take one step out of your comfort zone because that’s how you will grow. That’s how you will learn more about yourself. But make sure that you have a good supportive environment first before you do so. 🙂

    Life is too short. Don’t spend arguing with yourself what you could have done and what nots. Always be in control. Be assertive. Don’t just wait for the pot to boil when you can be doing other things. 🙂

    Idk if these made sense. I might be refering to a different comfort zone. But, anyways, good luck! I bet you are really confused b/c you are needing clarity.. And maybe worried too b/c you are needing support towards making choices for your self. Oh, I am struggling with decisions too. But it’s regarding school, hahaha!


    1. This is the most engaging comment I received. I am having hard time to decide about my career. I hope my head will be all clear in no time.

      Thank you for this. It made me smile. 🙂


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