Informal Settlers

Riverfront Living Squatters area in the Philip...
Riverfront Living Squatters area in the Philippines Manila (Photo credit: Frisno)

I was watching Reaksyon by Luchi Cruz Valdez on TV5 News & Public Affairs and my blood pressure exceeded to 130/100. JK!

Whenever I took MRT (North Avenue – Taft Avenue) it saddens me. The view reflects the current situation of the Philippine Society. The rich become richer and the poor poorer.

We cannot blame everything to the government. Yes,  they are countless corrupt officials sucking all the tax being paid by humble employees but then again we should help ourselves.

If the countrymen will not do something to uplift their current condition, nothing will happen.

From the documentary, it was mentioned that the informal settlers are asking for the following:

  • money to start a new life
  • decent house in the metro
  • decent job

Come to think of it, they spent more than 10 years without paying anything and yet they asked for such conditions when they don’t even own the lot at the first place. It’s unfair for every bread-winner out there who works so hard just to give food and shelter for their families.

Why the government should have to shoulder it?

Because they are the voting population and they cannot demolish them. Politicians are afraid that those people will not vote for them anymore.

I still have my hopes for this country and I believe one day…. If only we’ll hold hands to make this country a better place… The next generation of Filipinos will be thankful…

How’s your country? I want to know foreign society problems.



One thought on “Informal Settlers

  1. I agree. I had this scenario from a friend yung philhealth nya konti lng na shoulder kasi da minimum lang sya.. but yung indigenous member.. mas malaki nakuha. I mean? why?


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