How does your Facebook Newsfeed looks like?

I was browsing my news feed this afternoon and I am a little dismayed. It’s like 70% of the feeds I read is full of negativity.


It’s true that your profile is yours but does not justifies when you have friends, colleagues, and relatives that who can read those posts (and it’s against them).

Your boss scold you– you have a status plus side comment. You fought with your partner – you have a status also. You didn’t like your friends’ shared posts – you have a side comment also.

Why don’t you just deactivate your account and do something productive.

Many will be guilty about this including myself. But I am proud to note that I rarely post negative things; I stopped two years ago. I see Facebook now as my networking ally.

I believe it’s hypocrite to fight someone through statuses. The problems of both parties won’t be resolved if the other doesn’t have any idea about it. It’s like stabbing someone from behind or laughing at them.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but it doesn’t mean that you will bombard the social media with those. I guess THINKING before CLICKING is still the best practice everyone should follow.

I am writing this just to remind everyone to be responsible with their actions. Remember in life there is no play, pause, rewind.

Everything else you post over web? It’s in the server.

How does your Facebook News feed looks like? Tell me about it.



4 thoughts on “How does your Facebook Newsfeed looks like?

  1. My friend actually lost her friend over this… because she would post this ‘vague’ statuses about her without actually naming her and it she really hated it! So she ended her friendship because she always put everything out in the open ‘vaguely’ but people could really figure it out easily…


  2. Social media is scary when used in a wrong way…it’s scary because the initial intention of the comment or idea by the writer could be distorted along the way when they’re read by an unspecified large number of people (if it’s open to the public). People interpret words differently and I think it’s important not to assume that everyone would take your comment in the way you intend to be. Could be taken negatively or more offensive at times.
    I think your strategy ‘thinking before clicking’ sounds great! When I’m feeling upset, I try to shut down all my devices as I know I would be too emotional and the messages will be affected somewhat. It wouldn’t really bring out the best result. 🙂


    1. Even text messages do the same way. We assumed how the other party said it when it could be the other way around. I stay away from my gadgets as well when I am not in the mood. 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by my blog.


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