That Pandan Leaves


I have been been listening to podcast on writing for weeks now and one I thing I realized about myself, I still wanted to write no matter what. I stopped writing on papers because my siblings always read it out loud to my parents. I discovered online journals through blogging, I started privates accounts just to exhale my daily rants.

I guess not having much of close friends convinced me to vent out through writing. This is how this blog started anyway sharing my stint photography and writing.

Then I started a beauty blog, a niche that I am very comfortable writing because I have so much to say. My skin could blame me now from all the products I’ve tested. Since this blog is publicly connected to my social networking site, I restrain writing personal post.

I stopped venting out . I got obsessed posting only things that i thought could be relevant to readers and somehow lost the personal sense of this blog, it’s main purpose – to practice writing and share things.

I guess my feature photo got your attention; that Pandan leaves which is use to make cooked rice smell and taste better. I have that plant in the backyard but always forgot to use it.

Where is this writing going? Nowhere. I just want to internalized the passages I read from Cristian Mihai, a self published author that I follow here on WordPress. He said just keep on writing and that is what will I do.

Let me know if you want me to send Pandan Leaves because if you are a rice eater you will appreciate it.

Sammy xx


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