Boracay Come Back Day 1


Greetings from the wonderful island of Boracay. It feels so good to be back after a year. I didn’t expect that I will return here in a short span of time.

Anyhow, my purpose in here is work related. My bosses decided to conduct the planning session here.


We are staying at the Marzon Beach Resort, Station 3. I should say station 3 still has the ‘untouched’ vibe in it upon strolling the sand.

What is more interesting in my stay here is that I (we) am completely spoiled by their hospitality. I don’t even have to pull my luggage from the airport up to here. Can you imagine that?

Going back to the beginning of my trip…


We were assisted by the Southwest Tours Boracay from Kalibo International Airport all the way to the hotel.


Look at the spacious bus they have.

Going to Caticlan, almost two hours of bus ride, Zigzag roads and mountains. They have a bus stop in the middle of the nautical high way for passengers who needs to use the comfort room.


Reaching Caticlan….


Look at the QR codes for the boat ride ticket… Talk about technology advancement huh?


Finally we arrived… The meeting was adjourn by 8:30 pm and I ended my night feeding my tummy with orange fiesta.


I adore the fast speed Internet connection in here because I was able to share my day one in an instant. Take note I am inside my room already. Having a reliable connection in here is a sure plus points for resorts…

Unless you want to be missing in action in the cyberspace for a while.


Call time is at 9am so I guess I better call off the night…

Please wait for my review on Marzon Beach resort, Latte, and on food that I will graciously digest.



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