Gift Ideas: Personalized Home Decorations

Two years ago I was hunting for a Christmas Gift for my colleagues. Papemelroti, one of favorite novelty store, was my first choice. They have scrapbooking materials, recycled papers and notebooks, recycled crafts and more.

I have an eye for chic, vintage, looking type of home decor that is why I am always there. They are also affordable and they promote saving the environment.

Here’s what I got


A customized hook. You can choose whether to place a hook or not. If I remember correctly this is less than PHP500 (please inquire at papemelroti as they might changed the price). The price is per letter. This is pre-ordered, you go to the store and fill up some forms and pay down payment.

After two weeks you may pick up the finished product.

This is perfect at home where you can display inspirational words in your bedroom or other parts of the house. You can use the word ‘Towel’ and hang it in the bathroom.

Ask to remove the hook and you can simply say ‘welcome’ and more words.

I chose my name because as always, I am certified self-confessed HR (hopeless romantic). I feel that this piece is found in most Nicholas Sparks’ romantic novels which setting is in suburbs. Haha

Funny thing was I never got my colleagues their piece because I forgot to come back and order.

I am currently renovating my room and still… cozy and chic are still my criteria…

Happy Saturday!



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