Le bf’s recent Hong Kong Trip

I was browsing my folders and I found some photos from my boyfriend who recently went to Hong Kong for a training.

I forgot to ask him about the story behind every photos but still I feel like posting them. LOL


The giant rubber ducky in Victoria Harbor. I wonder why there is a giant rubber ducky there. When I was in Hong Kong two years ago I saw the “pirates of the Caribbean” ship there.


My boyfriend loves spicy delicacies and I found a lot of food trips in the album. I wonder what this is, a curry perhaps?

They ate in a Korean restaurant and drink Soju.


As far as I know he doesn’t take much photos than I do.

He just said that they keep on eating while he was there.

One thing I remember about his trip is the 3g SIM Card that he bought and for around eighty eight (88) HKD you are free to use the net for a week.

So we don’t have to rely on roaming we easily contacted each other while he was away.

After this trip he went to Chengdu China. So I am browsing the folder again to look for something interesting.

I am missing to go out of the country.

My beauty blog www.dishysammy.com is not working at the moment. I think too many spammers were in my site that is why they need to suspend it.




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