Exercise your right to VOTE through 7-Elections

Every gulp counts!

Hello everyone, I’ve been missing in action this past few weeks as I do some renovations on my beauty blog, you all know what happened and I will dedicate a post for that once it’s live again.

Anyhow on May 13 we will be on a national holiday (Philippines only) as we will be all shading ballots and choose our leaders. We will be electing senators and local government officials.

The campaign in all media is rampant and as a voter I feel a little off with the streamers and tarpaulin on the streets. I find some of their TV commercials funny too. LOL

In this regard, one of the largest convenient store in the Philippines, 7-Eleven conducted this cute technique to cast votes of our fellow citizens. They call it the 7-Elections.



IMG_1200Every time you buy a gulp you are free to choose whatever cup you want which represents your favored party list and then you will choose your senators.


We have Team PNOY, Team UNA, Social Justice Society, Makabayan, Democratic, and Kapatiran. IMG_1198



This is somehow useful for the campaign so that candidates will do good next time and they will know what ranking are they.

As of my last visit at the nearest 7-Eleven store here’s the status:


How about you? Do you already have a cheat sheet for your candidates?

I don’t have mine yet but I will definitely vote wisely.


This is an unscientific and unofficial survey supported solely by the company, done in the spirit of fun, without additional questions and restrictions as to the age of the voter and frequency of votes, and hence may not be considered to reflect any sentiments regarding any official survey or any upcoming elections. This is in line with the sales promotional activity for 7-Eleven Stores’ Gulp® Products conducted from March 20 to May 6, 2013.

Information and data involving this unscientific and unofficial survey (except proprietary information) are available during business hours at Philippine Seven Corporation, 7th Floor, The Columbia Tower, Ortigas Avenue, Mandaluyong City with telephone number 02-7055200 or you may log on to www.7-election.com.ph.

This promo/survey runs from March 20 – May 6, 2013 and the final tally will be posted on May 7, 2013.

Form more information check 7-Eleven’s Facebook and Website. Use the hash tag #7Election if you have posts and photos to share.

So guys if you are feeling thirsty grab a gulp now and make your vote count.

Happy Gulping!



5 thoughts on “Exercise your right to VOTE through 7-Elections

  1. I’ve seen this in 7-11. I don’t understand how they rank the candidates because the cups only shows the party but maybe it’s based on the candidate they highlight in the cup.


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