Barking at the Wrong Tree (sad personal post)

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It’s nice to have positive person to talk to as I am being a little sentimental this morning. My AM meeting did not end in a positive way, simply because I never expected that it will turn out in such a way the fingers will be pointed out on me.

I am just a humble assistant who receives orders from my superior and I felt that they don’t have my back when trouble arises.

This happened twice already and there’s a bell ringing inside my head that this is not right. If people never felt that way during their entire life, a poor girl like me don’t deserve such words and actions as well.

How will a person defend him/herself if the fiasco is over? A person who thinks their ranking is higher than the other tends to bully the little ones.

I don’t know if I am the only person who feel that way but I am really disappointed that I did not grasp the pieces of myself when they scattered on the table being washed down my harsh words and hand signals.

I admit to be an emotional person and this might mean nothing for the people involve.

Some say that I should let it pass. I cannot.

And though the conversation ended with goodbye waves and laughs the relationship will never be the same.

This calls for a career move.

I am happy doing my beauty blog and my makeup videos. I am happy meeting new people in the World Wide Web at least I know every time we write we are true top ourselves and we follow no boundaries in expressing ourselves.

I hope when clock strikes 12 midnight the pang will melt and will be lost in slumber.


P.S. Sorry for the vague emotional post. Winking smile


19 thoughts on “Barking at the Wrong Tree (sad personal post)

  1. whenever i got sad, i also blog about it because we can be true to ourselves.. when you got problem with your career, don’t let small minds interfere your career. 🙂


  2. It’s normal dear, same here. I sometimes got that kind of feeling just make yourself relax and have a good time. You’re still young and vibrant. Have that smile,..boost up your energy. PRAY ALWAYS for guidance. ^_^


  3. Life is not always fair but we can always make the best out of the situation. You may be an assistant now but in time and with experience you can be a superior where you can show it this time, you can be a better leader.


  4. Life is not always fair but we can always make the most out of it. You may be an assistant now but in time and experience, you’ll be a superior someday and this would be the time you stamp your class at being a better leader.


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