Nostalgia: The Model Student

Last Saturday morning I received a text message from my former director and professor Sir Lito Casaje. He said that he picked me as his Model Student and he needs some papers that they can exhibit – my certificates, research papers, and exams.

Since we moved to Laguna four months ago I had a hard time remembering where I kept my files.

Sunday morning I went to school, by the way, I studied Mass Communication major in Broadcasting at the La Consolacion College Manila and I graduated 2009.

Four years after graduation I never thought that I will receive such message and though I did not graduated with flying colors (My GPA was 1.43 but I have 2.75 final grade in Humanities Sad smile which didn’t allow me to) I am glad to know that the school at least my professor considered me as one.

I gave a little speech to the juniors about career and Sir Lito said he’ll invite me for a career talk which I am really excited about.

I will give you a glimpse of my college life.

  • Since my high school have advance subjects I excel in most subjects during exams. Hot smile
  • I joined dance club because I really want to dance.
  • I always volunteer to be the commentator during mass. (Until now I raise my hand if there’s a hosting opportunity LOL)
  • I was hand picked to be the lead actress of a school play – The Glass Menagerie

the glass

I received many flattering compliments when I played a hopeless romantic crippled lady and kissed my gentleman caller.

glass 2

  • This gave me a chance to star in another school play – The House Bernarda Alba a very challenging Spanish inspired stage play where I got involved in my elder sister’s fiancé and took suicide at the end of the story. We also performed in Instituto Cervantes.


bernarda two

  • After the theater hang over I concentrated into writing and desktop publishing as I am the Art Director of our school paper – Consolatrix. I was then awarded as the most outstanding student for that.
  • When my college life is coming to an end, I was also awarded as the most outstanding student for my theater participation and they wished to see me in Oscars. Darn! Will it come true?
  • And then thesis and graduation. *teary eyed*


They are my cherished friends and I am not seeing them often now. I am pretty sure we can find time and catch up. sir lito

And above is the talented Director who believed in me – Director Carlito Casaje. Funny that we ate at the same McDonald’s yesterday.

Everything was nostalgic yesterday and I am happy about our conversation, he said I am one his exceptional student and actress. We are planning to have an alumni/reunion play.

I am still with my first job now and I am maintaining two blog sites as a hobby.

I wish for success in my career in the future.

I still have a lot of rice to eat and trials to surpass.

I know I will get there.

Thank you for your trust Sir Lito and for my Alma Mater. Red heart I hope the exhibit will be successful.

Happy Monday everyone!



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