Happy Heart’s Day Everyone

I find this day overrated and commercialize because of the flowers, chocolates, and teddy bears being sold. hahaha

I am looking at my Facebook timeline and I am smiling because there are people who exerted effort to make their special someone happy.

And though I am not one of those girls who has been surprised by a guy. I am happily taken and secured that no occasion should affect the level of love that two person share to one another.

I am working all day because I have a briefing to attend tomorrow and boss my kick me out if I don’t prepare.

Oh well, just what I love to do. Here’s what I did for my special someone on Facebook.


I love making stuff like this. And the crazy little cartoon on the right is me. LOL

I hope you all is having a good time.

Happy Valentine’s Day.



11 thoughts on “Happy Heart’s Day Everyone

  1. I agree. Valentine’s Day is overrated. Good thing I spent my Valentine’s este Singles Independence Day watching soccer and at an event. Happy Hearts Day


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