Notebook anyone?

I feel weird that I always buy notebook whenever I go to the bookstore. I love to write and make doodles. Even though I cannot draw I still do it. I also buy coloring materials and cute pens.

I even have a journal too which I stopped because my brother always snoop around and read it out loud. All my insights about love & relationship is there too. Even sweet text messages from the boyfriend is written.

I write poems and other proses in a separate notebook and then quotations in a separate one also.

I like making something like this in the first page of all my notebooks. Even my planner has one.

And then put some cheesy quotes.

When I started working I received a lot of premium notebooks from the channels available in Cable. Notebooks and notepads are their most common giveaway.

The photo above is my current notebooks at home. If I like it I don’t share it to anyone, if I don’t I give to my sister as she loves to doodle too (she has better handwriting and lettering skills than I do).

I still have notebooks and even post its in the office. haha Greedy me.

Here’s the latest addition to the family…


SchÜtzen Notebook. This notebook is a little pricey that is why I am so happy that I got this for free.


I like the patent leather cover and the trimmings of this notebook. The color combination is catchy.


Then it has this printed lining inside which looks so funky and the card pockets inside is also great because I can place my business cards there and whenever I am in a meeting it’s easy to reach.


I forgot to photograph the paper inside but it’s like a composition notebook, big spacing (I like writing small letters in between the lines). This one has a pen holder too.

The best part is? It’s refillable. So obviously you paid for the high quality jacket too keep forever.

This one costs Php795.00 in all leading bookstores nationwide.

It’s to pretty to destroy it with my 1st Grade penmanship. hahaha

I will show my other notebooks next time.

Happy Friday!



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