Mt. Makiling: It’s more fun in Laguna


Two weeks ago I went to Ayala Golf and Leisure Club at the Ayala Greenfield Estates, Calamba, Laguna.

I live near the area roughly 15 – 20 minutes buy car.

It’s the most beautiful Golf Course I’ve seen and the food in the Club House tastes so good.

I was just shy taking photos because I am in the middle of our meeting.

One thing I like is that their restaurant is not exclusive for members only. You can just go there to eat, you don’t have to have a tournament or whatsoever.

I recommend their Spicy Chicken Adobo.

Oh well this is a lame post but least if you are in the area please do drop buy there and enjoy the scenery and food.

How to get there:

  1. Take South Luzon Express Way and exit to Sto.Tomas / Lucena exit.
  2. Follow the road until you see a stoplight, turn left to Greenfield Estate gate.

I hope that helps but GPS is available anywhere so go use it.

Open-mouthed smile



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