Travel Conveniently, go rent a car

It’s very convenient if you can bring your own car when you go to other countries. I remember a Mr. Bean’s episode where he was chasing for something and was clueless that h already boarded on a cargo ship. All of a sudden he is in another country. Many shipping line offers ‘RORO’ (Roll-on-Roll-Off) that is what we call the “bring your car” or “take the bus” service here if you plan to go to a place which land trip is impossible. You will have your car at the moment you reached the port or you can have your car to follow if you chose to take the plane instead.

Some people will find this helpful but some will think that it’s hassle. When it is your own car you have to take care its insurance and other matters. This is the reason why most travel services offer car rental.

Most of the time it goes with the hotel and tour, especially if you intend to stay for a week or so. You can choose to have a driver or drive your own. This is more convenient than going in a place like Mr. Bean right?

It saves your money and your time. I remember my superior telling me that as long as it will give you convenience and you will add just a little why not indulge yourself into it. This means less stress and more fun when you travel.

So don’t be afraid to travel in a new place because there are car rental services that can save your day. If you happen to travel going to Florida and planning to go to Universal Studios and then go to Busch Gardens afterwards it’s best to check out  Tampa car rentals then get a car instead and enjoy the scenery.

You can enjoy special offers too if you travel a lot, applicable for your frequent business trips. Now all you have to do is fly and ride.

I wish safe trips to everyone.



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