Hello 2013!

I am overwhelmed how 2012 exited that quick. I welcome 2013 with hard work and effective multi tasking as I really do not do blogging for a living. I am just very talkative and in love with writing (and reading too).

I thank the blogosphere for welcoming me as well. I hope this year I could share worthy stories that will keep you coming back to my site.

Unfortunately, my beauty blog is still not working. Although you can visit it I cannot upload photos alongside with my post. I wonder why? I hope I will have answers by the end of this week.

I didn’t draft any new year resolutions as I might end up being disappointed if I fail to do it. As far as my objectives written last year, enrolling in a swimming class is the only thing I didn’t fulfill. Hopefully I could do it now to counteract my asthma.

Speaking of asthma, all I want is to be healthy  the doctor told me to lose five pounds first to check my PCOS.

I want to cure both chronic illness that I have and live healthy for the rest of my life. I wanted to write more and read more.

The rest will fall into place I just need to have self discipline.

Good luck to me!



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