A cozy Christmas Party


How’s the Christmas for everyone? I gone missing in action once again because I keep on forgetting my camera. It’s very hard to wake up during a stormy weather.

Last December 21, I enjoyed a cozy Christmas party with my long time colleagues.  We always have a separate date to enjoy good food, raffle, and exchange gifts.

One thing I noticed is that I became heavier each year. Disappointed smile


How will I not going to be??

We ate the following…



Last year we arranged a pot luck feast but since this year most of us are busy with other things we divide the expenses instead.

This is year also it’s quiet (less fun) because the kids who used to be present and running around are grown up already.

We only have this three month old baby to play with.


We are hurrying the other baby inside my other colleague’s womb but she is due in April. Hopefully next Christmas Party we’ll have more kids to entertain.


The highlight of the party is our traditional exchange gifts. Since we are just seven we opt to give each one of us a gift.


We did not solicited religiously this year that is why we had a little raffle. I took home all the gifts above.

Thank you everyone.

Most of them are bath products and I love them so much.

I opened the gifts right then and there and played with the house dress we got.


We love being silly with each other. We do that all the time that is why our working atmosphere is very light and easy.

I’ve been in the company for a while and I am enjoying my stay.

I promise to bring my camera and edit the food photos I prepared for Noche Buena.

[My beauty blog is still on the rocks Sad smile]

Looking forward to a fruitful 2013.



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