Weekend Home Cooking and Gardening

Ampalaya con carne

cucumber salad

horse radish salad

My siblings were out of province, they are out of town and I was left with my parents over the weekend. I feel strange because being the eldest I do not expect myself to be at home. But I have always been a home body and I became more of it ever since we move.

As usual I am in charge of the kitchen so for our lunch that day (Sunday, December 16) I cooked Ampalaya con carne I made Horse Radish as well as Cucumber salad – both soaked in vinegar with sugar, salt, and pepper.

After lunch we went outside to buy gorgeous plants for our lawn.

garden plants

My mom said she’ll do the landscaping herself so she bought a lot of garden plants. My dad got me a bamboo because I was complaining about the heat whenever its dusk.

Moving into our family home brought me closer to my parents.

Now I am a little anxious about the visit of my (future) in laws this weekend. I hope they will not talk about marriage. Open-mouthed smile


DISHYSAMMY is down without advise from my host provider. Sad smile I hope it gets better within the day. I have many beauty post today.



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