Happy Anniversary to my WordPress!

I just saw the notification that my blog is two years already. See how time fled that fast? I also notice that I do not much post in this site over the past two years simply because I do not want other people to read rants.

I said that this would be my food blog but I ended up cutting my restaurant visits as I am saving money and trying to lose some weight so this once again my personal sanctuary.

Ever since I made DISHYSAMMY, most of the time I was not be able to update this more often. I am still not sure what road to take when it comes to career.

Having an online outlet for sudden burst of emotions is a great tool for me. Not only that I can practice my writing skills when it comes to expressing oneself I also found new friends and my negative outlook toward things changed.

What I want now is a change of lifestyle, to be more systematic and to have more freedom. My change of residency with the family was a drastic change already and I want a total overhaul of my life.

Maybe if I finally grasp my senses I will now drink 10 glasses of water, sleep at least 7 hours, and rest.

Until such time I know I will have a jumbled world.

I am really crazy.



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