Life Update: Choco Mint Muffin, Cloud Migration, Ghost Writing, and Real Job

I received an email from my hosting provider saying that they will migrate into a cloud platform and advised to refrain from updating my site.

So I will not be able to post to my beauty blog and I am here.

Just to update I am one month behind regarding the event’s preparation on March maybe the change in management and the previous event affected it.

As for my other job, I accepted numerous number of ghost writing jobs as I do not have a qualified blog to accept paid tasks. Blogging has really become mainstream in the Philippines. My PayPal account shows positive balance and I have bought new makeups out of it.

I do not see anything bad about Ghost Writing simply because I understand how busy a blogger can be and who wants to let go of tasks right? Some bloggers do not receive those task like me. Writing for them makes me feel that the task was also assign to me. Besides I can practice my writing skills, writing with different topics, restrictions, and deadline.

I am happy with the result of my beauty blog. I feel that I made the right decision of doing it because I’ve been into beauty since high school. It’s something that I do not have to force myself just to keep it updated. It’s not always about the ranking, it’s about new discoveries and experiences you encounter.

I become a more positive and friendly person because of it. I met new people and receive perks. (Visit:

My online store is doing good also knowing that I do not update it that much. I am impressed because I still have customers. I think I should allot enough time for that. (Search: Sammy Sari Store on Facebook)

Right now I am reading Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks.


I received this book from a colleague – birthday gift.

I also bought other books to read from book sale – The Beck Diet, The Hex Appeal, 10 minutes 10 years, and Lover’s Yoga, all self help books.

I hope I could start getting fit and healthy.


Reading helps me speak and write more fluent and spontaneous. It exercise my brain cells too and I am learning a lot of things.

Moreover, I am lacking sleep simply because I am waking up early and sleeping late at night. Our new house is just really far from my work place I have no social life but I love the place.

I am still adjusting and still striving. I am going with the flow, I hope the forces above is guiding me because I really want to pursue this journey I am currently taking.

I hope to make the right decisions.

So much of a personal post here. I should not have change it into a food blog. hahaha

Oh well I should finish my muffin.


I am terribly sleepy.



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